This summer with the heat and the time constraints, I have struggled to find fun things for my kids to do that are safe and fun.  You can only paint so many elephants before the kids don’t want to do it anymore.

Previously, I have placed the internet on the “absolutely NO” list for my kids.  Being here most of the time, I know the dangers and the things that kids can see when online for innocent reasons.  In addition, I am sort of old fashioned and think kids should read real books and play real games.  But times are changing and so are the things that can educate and entertain kids.  I am learning that online games can teach my kids cognitive skills as well as coordination.  Also, in this day and age, a child knowing their way around a keyboard is only a benefit!

This summer, I have been more and more educated about online games for my kids.  It turns out that safely measures are built into the really good ones and that my kids can learn and play without much worry from me.  So when I was told about the new game, Amazing World by Ganz, I was excited to check it out for them and see if it was in that category of educational but safe online games.

Amazing World is a game designed for kids 6 and up.  Check out the video below to get a good idea of how fun it is!


Children can play Amazing World online for FREE and can go on a journey they create by first registering a Zing!  A Zing is the energetic and lovable Amazing World inhabitants. Zings can be named, customized and can accept challenges from a number of zany hosts. Completing challenges will award players with prizes, which can be sent back to your home zone, a place where you can create your very own Amazing World.

This amazing 3D world is nothing like I have seen before online! With colorful characters and fun and whimsical places to explore, a child can create as they go!  They can care for their Zing, chat with friends in a controlled environment, and customize their homes and their Zings!

To add to the fun, plush Zings can be purchased and used to help create the world out of the computer.  Plus each plush comes with a special surprise kids can use online!  And though kids can play for free, registration to the game opens all of the options and leads to more creativity and imagination!

My daughter, Katie just turned  6 and is loving exploring and creating her world for her Zing.  I love watching her try to figure everything out and I know that she is safe in the controlled world!  Though as a nervous mother, I still check!

To help your kids get excited about this new 3D world, (1) of my readers will WIN two Zing Plush’s of their own!  And all you have to do to enter to WIN is to tell people about Amazing World!

“Tell the world about Amazing World!”

1)     Tell the world about the Amazing World game on Twitter for a chance to WIN 2 Amazing World Toys!

2)     You must use the Hashtag #AmazingWorldGame

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4)     Post your Twitter name in the comments of this post, so we’re able to pick out one of our readers.

EXAMPLE TWEET: Come discover and explore Amazing World, a new free-to-play 3D virtual world full of challenges and fun!#AmazingWorldGame

That’s it!  Just leave your tweet link and email in the comments section so I can choose a winner!

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