Kids ages 6 – 11 can rejoice come September 25, 2012.  The number one rated animated show on the Cartoon Network, Almost Naked Animals, is coming to DVD!  That’s right, kids can enter the world of Banana Cabana, managed by Howie the canine, and join in the crazy fun as mayhem ensues!

This DVD – which was a totally new character to my family – is funny, interesting, a little nutty and a lot of fun!  My 6 year old just fell in love with Bunny, the super hyper active activities director, Octo, the the super organized, stressed out front desk clerk and Narwhal, the hotel’s entertainer.  Add them to the other colorful characters and the antics by guests and kids will be laughing and talking about this show long after TV time.  But what really gets my 6 year old laughing is that the characters have all of this craziness in their underwear, hence Almost Naked Animals!

Included in the DVD are six stories from the title episode, It’s My Party to the Duck Vinci Code.  My kids like the Employee of the Month episode where the staff finds out that Howie has been awarding himself for years!  When they challenge Howie to really be Employee of the Month by taking on all of their jobs, all heck breaks loose!  But all six episodes have them laughing and sharing the stories with their friends!

Also included on the DVD are three bonus videos!  One is the get up and dance and have some fun with the Almost Naked Animals music video!  We have to replay that one several times just so the girls can wiggle and dance with the cast… in their underwear!

Mark your calendars for the release of this great DVD which follows the ever popular Cartoon Network show – which I am now on order to record, by the way.  And let the fun continue online with the September 25, 2012 release of the game!  Let your kids learn and play and laugh as they navigate the Super Game with their new fun friends!

To compliment the DVD and online game even further, awesome Almost Naked Animals merchandise will go on sale on the new online store also on September 25, 2012!  Get awesome T-Shirts, notebooks – great for a fun school backpack filler – practical joke items and so much more!  I was lucky enough to get a tote bag with sorted merchandise and we love it all!  My Katie snatched it all up and disappeared to set up her own Banana Cabana in her room!  Every once in a while, if she lets me in, I can hear her singing the theme song!

I am so excited about the new DVD, online game and store all coming September 25, 2012!  Get your kids excited by finding the show on Cartoon Network and then mark your calendars so that you can surprise them with Almost Naked Animals!


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