*This conversation is brought to you by Aeromax. I received dress ups and toy for review. All opinions are my own.*

Growing up, I felt we were always told we could be whatever we wanted. I remember in 2nd grade talking about the careers we wanted. I chose Obstetrician at the time, while my friends picked things like First Woman President, Teacher, and Police Officers. While I didn’t become an Obstetrician it’s not because I couldn’t, but because I found a different path for me.

Teach Kids to Aim for the Stars through dress up play. ad

I would say one of the big contributors to why I felt I could be anything was the bucket of dress ups we owned. My older brothers and I could often be found running around our unfinished basement, dressed up as witches, cowboys, bullfighters, and more. We had one of those old school VHS camcorders to record our antics and help us feel like TV producers. We even held game shows and created stop motion LEGO movies.

So having a bucket of dress ups for my own kids is important. I have the Spanish ponchos from my childhood, Princess dresses, crowns, capes, and a hobby horse. Our absolute favorite dress ups, however, are the ones from Aeromax. We experienced them first with the Robotic Engineer shirt and helmet, and are now enjoying the Astronaut get up.

Teach kids to aim for the stars with dress ups from Aeromax. ad

One small step for man, one giant step for kids! The kids absolutely love the My 1st Career Gear Orange Astronaut Top and Jr. Astronaut Helmet with Sound. The spring loaded visor, and sound chip really makes the kids feel like they’re taking off to the stars. As a mom, I appreciate that all the sounds are inside the helmet where I can’t hear them with every button push.

Teach kids to Aim for the Stars with dress ups and toys from Aeromax. ad

Along with dress ups, Aeromax has a fantastic line of toys too. They just released the Patriotic Sky Blaster which we had to pair with our Astronaut outfit. After all, every astronaut needs a rocket to get to space. The sky blaster has a very simple design but is incredibly well made. All you need to launch is a little practice and some imagination.

What do your kids want to be when they grow up? Check out all the different career outfits from Aeromax.