My First Career Gear Robotic Engineer and Robot Helmet were sent to Adelina from Home Maid Simple to review. All thoughts are 100% authentic.

Dressing up isn’t just for Halloween, though it’s not a bad time to take your child’s dream career and turn it into a reality!

My 1st Career Gear Robotic Engineer and Robot Helmet bring STREAM to life. ad

Around here we love science and technology. When I saw the My 1st Career Gear Robotic Engineer shirt and the Robot Helmet, I had to call Lincoln in for a look. I thought it was cute, and something that could help grow his imagination, but I had to make sure he felt the same.

The next few weeks were spent with him watching and waiting. Every. single. day. at the window for the mailman. “Is it my Robot costume, Mom?”

I am a Robot. Robotic Engineer Shirt and Robot Helmet are a hit from Aeromax. ad

So when the day finally came, oh he was thrilled. We picked it up on our way out the door to play with cousins at the park. Between him and his buddy, the Engineer Shirt and Robot helmet were the biggest hit that day. It didn’t matter that it was 90degrees out, they were robots! Parents smiled, and laughed and loved watching kids truly be kids.

Lightweight, The Robotic Engineer Shirt fits over kids clothes comfortably. ad

The Robotic Engineer Shirt is a lightweight fabric made with plenty of room to fit comfortably over a child’s clothes. We especially love the pocket for a name tag. This allowed the older girls to get in on the fun and come up with names and titles for my little engineer. While they usually stick to their Princesses and Schoolteachers, everyone including the girls got into playing robots.

Aeromax My 1st Career Gear Robotoic Engineer Shirt and Robot Helmet. ad

The whole outfit really impressed me. With it’s simple, but colorful design the kids found plenty on the shirt and helmet to fuel their imagination. If your robot needs a little tune up, just turn them around. Check the helmet for some tools, then give your robot a good twist of his gears. He should be back in working order in no time.

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