Every woman wants to put on make up and feel beautiful. Even more beautiful than she is with no make up on. But not all make up is created equal and we all know that!  Ageless Derma was introduced to A Day in Motherhood in June of this year.  Since that time, we have simply fallen in love with their amazing products and I invite you to read the other reviews listed below.  This time around we have some simple exquisite makeup to show you and it is honestly another RAVE from me.  I have spoken with the creator for Ageless Derma on several occasions and he never fails to impress me with their innovative products.

I cannot really believe I am going to even show you my face without makeup.  I never leave my home without makeup, it is my security blanket and I have worn it for years. Usually, I do not try new makeup; but knowing how I feel about Ageless Derma products, I certainly could not pass up this opportunity! Here goes…

ageless derma

For this review I was provided the Ageless Derma Loose Mineral Foundation, Ageless Derma Healthy Lipstick and Ageless Derma Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow.

The Loose Mineral Foundation applies silky and smooth with excellent coverage. It prevents wrinkles with vitamin A and E, green tea and sun protection. Together these elements create a beautiful new mineral foundation without the hassle of a liquid mess; while still providing flawless coverage.

The Healthy Lipstick is wonderfully smooth with just a hint of tint for me, though it comes in a wonderful array of amazing colors to fit your personality.  The healthy lipstick is a long-lasting, rich formula that does not feather or smudge. If you are like me, you have a tote full of lipsticks that just do not do what they say they will.  With Ageless Derma Healthy Lipstick you can kiss that tote goodbye!

The Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow comes in a rainbow of colors to best complement your personality, skin color and hair color for a beautifully cohesive look! I chose a light pink cream color to brighten my eyes.  The simply refreshing sweet color brings a smile to my face and the smooth texture is delightfully dreamy!

Ready for the “after” photo? Me too! The Ageless Derma line always makes me feel more confident in my appearance, from the anti-wrinkle cream, facial gel cleanser to the makeup; you can rest assured that your skin will have a healthier feel and glow!

Ageless derma

I do not typically wear a lot of makeup, so this fresh look from Ageless Derma is perfect for me and my lifestyle.  I love that the products are not tested on animals :) I also love that they contain elements that enhance skin beauty while creating a flawless finish. Simply fantastic makeup that will not break the bank… perfect!

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Ageless derma

Ageless dermaAgeless dermaAgeless dermaAgeless dermaAgeless derma

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