The other night at about 4am, I woke up coughing and sneezing.  My head hurt and I was definitely feeling congested.  As a single mom to three with a business to run and a house to keep, I have zero time left to be sick!  I remembered that I had some Advil Congestion Relief in my office and hurried to go get it.

Advil Congestion Relief

I read the package to make sure I was taking the right dosage and took it with a prayer that I would wake up feeling a lot better!

After a few more hours of sleep I did, indeed, wake up with no symptoms!  Now, it could be that I simply slept off whatever was bothering me, but I openly credit this new over the counter medicine for getting me back in shape at the first sign of sickness!  So much so that I have to tell you about it!

I have trusted Advil pain relief for years for headaches, body aches and more so it only seems logical that their new Advil Congestion Relief would work as well!

Sinus congestion is caused by nasal inflammation.  It is uncomfortable and can make any day long and annoying.  So having real relief from that during this cold and flu season is important!  Breathing is important, after all!

Head over to the Advil Congestion Relief Facebook page and tell them your congestion frustrations!  They want to hear and help if they can!  And pick up this new product in stores now!

If you would like a $1 Off Coupon to try this product, use the CONTACT ME feature on my blog and let me know where to mail them and how many you want.  I have a limited supply.

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