Get your kids, get in the car and go to Walmart and pick up the new movie, Adventures of Zambezia!  You will SO not be sorry!

Adventures of Zambezia

This incredibly fun and colorful movie is EXCLUSIVE to Walmart and features Jeff Goldblum, Samuel L. Jackson, Abigail Breslin and more.  It is the first effort by South African’s Triggerfish Animation Studios and I think they did an awesome job!

I received this movie the other day along with some super fun stuffed animals and the FUN Activity book which you can download below.  The kids and I popped it in and settled in to watch some new friends come to life!

I quickly realized that this is not your typical ‘kid’s flick’.  Bright, colorful and enchanting, this is a movie seriously directed AT kids.  There are no ‘grown up’ jokes or references like most kids movies.  In fact, even though I could see what was coming, my girls were interested and guessing what was coming next.

They quickly fell in love with the lead character, Kai, and sympathized with his loneliness in the beginning.  Kai lived alone with his father, Tendai, and they have no real interaction with anyone else.  But when Kai learns of Zambezia, a land where every bird is safe forever, tension builds as Kai heads out to find it.

As the movie progresses you see lessons your kids can pick up as they watch.  The struggle between father and son as the son wants to follow his path and be a part of adventure, and there is an endearing heroine, Zoe, who helps along the way.

The animation is top notch and the colors and story are really fun and attention grabbing.

After the movie, my kids and I sat down to go through the discussion guide we got.  My kids were interested to talk about the movie and the birds flying and when I told them that the movie was tied to biblical themes, they were very excited.  So we chatted about teamwork, respecting your elders, learning to listen and so on.  I enjoyed this time with the girls and we had fun with the activities too!

Get your FREE Activity Book below!

Adventures of Zambezia Activity Pack

How fun is that?

Adventures in Zambezia is sold EXCLUSIVELY at Walmart!  I was there yesterday and it is flying off the shelves so you had better head out and get your copy!

Adventures in Zambezia

And because Sony and Triggerfish Animation Studios wants everyone’s kids to enjoy this wonderful story,. (1) of my readers will WIN a copy of their own.  Just enter below and GOOD LUCK!

**I received this promotional material and film from Sony for review purposes only.  All opinions and writings are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**

 Adventures in Zambezia on Blu-Ray DVD