I type a lot.  On a Netbook.  Yes, you heard me.  I run this entire blog off a teeny little Netbook in my home office.  I actually love it and seem to be doing OK with it.

However, because I type quite a bit and on a small keyboard, my Carpel Tunnel Syndrome that began when I still worked as a stockbroker, and flared badly when I swelled in pregnancy, is out of control!  I have taken to, literally, holding my wrists in an ice bath for 15 minutes every night when I get off the computer.  Just so I can sleep without constantly popping or rubbing my wrists!

But, now, thanks to the wonderful people at ActiveWrap.com, my late nights of ice baths – an extremely painful solution, I might add, to living with my Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, are over!

Wrist Wrap

They, generously, sent me a Wrist Wrap about a week ago.  My flare ups were particularly heinous this week as I did a lot of computer work for my blog and my personal affairs.  I have, literally, been on the computer 3- 4 hours a night getting things in order.  That is a lot of typing… and a lot of pain!

So, the very first day I got it, I unwrapped it, put the ice pack in the freezer, readied the heat pack to warm in the microwave when it was time, and read through the literature on their wide range of products.

It turns out that ActiveWrap is a company that was developed by therapists who wanted to provide a quality and affordable product to today’s active, particular customer.  The Wrist Wrap alone won the ION Sports Medicine Product of the year in 2007!  And Active Wrap offers a variety of products from Back Wraps, to Shoulder Wraps, and even Ankle Wraps!  Their product line is constructed from an active medical plush (TM) supporter.  This delivers a flexible, ‘ultra soft feel with a plush exterior and Lycra trim lining’.

Each wrap comes with interchangeable heat and cold packs that are filled with a ‘stay – soft, non- migrating gel’.  Active Wraps come with a 1 year warranty and the packs are designed to last at least 3 years!

I have had other wraps for my Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.  The last ones were made with a metal plate that held my hands in a certain position to allow more blood flow.  They were very uncomfortable and hard to wear.  And, even with them, I still have to take time to soak my wrists in ice baths, which is just painful.

The Active Wrap Wrist Wrap offers me a much better option.  And a more comprehensive product for my pain treatment.

The first night, I started with the cold pack.  I slid it into the protective sleeve, attached it to the wrap and easily wrapped it around my wrist.  Immediately, I felt the cold pack adjusting and moving with my wrist.  I wore it while I changed a diaper, picked up the baby, and dressed her for bed.  I could have never done this with the old, metal wraps.  Nor while I was standing over an ice bath.

And I felt it.  I really did.  The cold pack targeted my wrist and seemed to focus on on my problem spot.  I felt the familiar burn of the ice working on the tendons but was glad to be distracted by being able to do other things.  Instead of standing, focusing on the pain, I was able to dissipate it through activity!

But the absolute best part of this wrap is that, after the 15 minutes of icing, I switched the cold pack for the warm one, and instant, soothing relief traveled to my wrist!  I literally said, “Ahhhhhh”.  And after a few minutes of the warm pack working it’s magic, I felt, for the first time in years, actual real relief from my Carpel Tunnel symptoms.

Back Wrap

I am absolutely hooked and will be purchasing the Back Wrap as soon as I can!  Three children, three c – sections, and multiple epidurals have caused me serious back pain.  I know that this product will offer definite relief with ease without slowing me down!

I highly recommend the high quality, professional grade, award winning products from Active Wrap.  For your ankles, shoulders, knees, back, elbows, and wrists.  This is a wonderful, drug free, alternative for pains in all of your joints.

So, if you, your spouse, your children or your children play sports, are expecting, have an old injury that flares up, types too much on a Netbook late into the night, or any other ailments that leave you uncomfortable and in pain, please go to ActiveWraps.com and place your order!

I, honestly, feel that this is a wonderful product that will work for anyone.


Finally found relief for my aches and pains!

**I received a Wrist Wrap for review purposes from activewrap.com**