You guys know that my girls and their friends LOVE Barbie®! I love the messages that are talked about on the DVD’s and the accompanying toys that the girls get to use to act out the message! And we are all so excited because a new movie, Barbie® & Her Sisters in a Pony Tale! is coming to Blu-Ray DVD and DVD October 22, 2013! 

Barbie® & Her Sisters in a Pony Tale

Now, I have not seen the A Pony Tale movie yet. The preview copies are not ready yet. But I can say, that based on the hugely popular Barbie® Mariposa and the Fairy Princess movie, that this one is bound to be just as fabulous!

Check out a Clip of Barbie® & Her Sisters in a Pony Tale below:

My girls are so excited  – and so am I! In this title, Barbie sets off on an equestrian adventure, traveling to a posh horse academy in the majestic Swiss Alpine. There, she and her sisters form everlasting bonds with each other and their ponies, learning that anything is possible with the power of family and friendship!

To accompany the movie, Mattel has released dolls and horses that are based on the movie. We were so lucky to get the Sister’s Giftset! Included are 1 Barbie doll, 1 Stacie doll, 1 Skipper doll and 1 Chelsea doll. Or one for me and one for each of my girls!

Barbie® & Her Sisters in a Pony Tale

Over the weekend, the girls had a play date and we opened the dolls. Each set of ‘besties’ got one and off they were to Pony Land in the playroom. I heard laughter, fun and story telling. I love that Barbie® has always been an inspiration for creative play! The set gives everyone a chance to have a doll and a chance to show their building of cooperation and friendship as they all play together.

Barbie® & Her Sisters in a Pony Tale

Also included in the toy from A Pony Tale – which are all now on my Christmas wish list for the girls – are the Skipper and Horse playset, Chelsea and Horse Playset, and Barbie and Horse Playset. You can also make your little girl’s dreams come true with the Stable for the horses too!

With the holidays coming, it is the perfect time to fall in love with Barbie®, her sisters and the horses they love so much!

Barbie® & Her Sisters in a Pony Tale

How excited are you for this NEW release coming October 22, 2013? Be sure to pre-order now!

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