“They’re two, they’re four, they’re six, they’re eight.  Shunting trucks and hauling freight. Red and green and brown and blue, they’re the really useful crew.”

THANK YOU to real mom, Bonnie, for taking her kids and sharing her experience!

Admit it.  You sang along.  And probably half of you finished the song.  And half of you that finished now have this stuck in your head for the rest of the day.  You’re welcome.

You may remember my kids- Joe and Lorelai.  Well, Joe is OBSESSED with trains.  All trains.  Diesel, steam, and Thomas.  He has even said that he wants to be “a train driver when I grow up”.  When I received the opportunity to go to A Day Out with Thomas at Strasburg Rail Road in PA, I was stoked!  Even better was that it was on Father’s Day- three generations who enjoy trains were able to spend the day together.


I decided that it would be best to NOT tell the kids where we were going.  We got up early  and began our drive to Strasburg.  The closer we got, the more signs we started to see.  I’m not sure how, but neither Joe nor Lorelai figured out what we were doing.  Then I heard it.  It came from the back seat of the van.  The LOUD……The SQUEAL…..  “OH MY GOSH!!! MOM!! THERE’S THOMAS!!! I SEE THOMAS! MOM! THOMAS! LOOK!!!!”  And then we missed the turn to the parking area.  Ooops…..  “DAAAAAADDDDD!!!!  GO BACK! I WANT TO SEE THOMAS!  I WANT TO RIDE THOMAS!!!  PLEASE??????  GO BACK!”.  So we did.

While we were waiting to board our ride, we walked around to see what all the other activities were.  There were temporary tattoos, there was the Imagination Station with train tables and Mega Bloks, there was a tent where you could watch Thomas episodes and a staff member would read stories, there was an inflatable Percy, Cranky Cars, and rides on 3 of the other trains that they have.

We boarded one of the open cars towards the back of the train, per Joe’s instructions, and started our journey through the Lancaster County Amish Country.  We saw cows, farms, more cows and more farms (which was good because Joe is obsessed with tractors and farming too).  It was a nice trip- feeling the breeze as we were moving and hearing the “toot toot” of Thomas’s whistle at the crossings and seeing the kids faces definately made this trip!

A Day out with Thomas

We had an AWESOME time and the kids are STILL talking about it!  If you’re in Central Pennsylvania, I highly recommend taking your kids (the little ones and the grown up ones) to see Thomas at Strasburg.  He will be there through June 23rd, and will be back again in September and in November.

Get your tickets in your area on the A Day Out With Thomas Website

 **I received these tickets for review purposes only.  All opinions and  writings are my own. Please see A Day in Motherhood’s Disclosure Statement for more information**