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Car Care is Made Easy with 303 Automotive Products #303Automotive ad

Generally, I take my car to get it cleaned. But with the rain in Houston coming every other day and reeking havoc in this city, I don’t really want to go and spend the money it takes over and over again. Plus, washing the car can be therapeutic and a great way to teach my kids to take care of what they own. Plus, I notice that they are much less likely to mess up that which they cleaned! But, to be honest, one of the reasons I started taking my car to be cleaned is because I could not find a product on the market that actually left my car with a clean scent that cleaned too. Now, with the wide variety of 303 Automotive products, I may just save that expense all together!

Car Care is Made Easy with 303 Automotive Products #303Automotive ad

303 Automotive has everything you need to get and keep your car in pristine condition. Even with kids. I find that I use the 303 Automotive Wipes all the time and love that I can clean up spilled milk, apple juice and kid fingerprints from almost every surface of my car easily. I am keeping them in the console of my car for easy reach and use!

The Speed Detailer makes the process cleaning all of my exterior surfaces easier as well. (you can browse current: Publix BOGO Deals This Week, Kroger Weekly Ads and CVS Pharmacy Weekly Ad.) With UV protection, it cleans and protects in between washes. Take it with you on a road trip and use it to wipe off the bugs that can make your clean car look dirty after a drive. Use it to get splatters off side after you go through a puddle – really helpful right now in Houston – and use it on your chrome, plastic and even glass to clean and shine!

Car Care is Made Easy with 303 Automotive Products #303Automotive ad

The 303 Automotive Protectant for interior and exterior is a good product that is universal as well. Not only will it clean off the muck that the kids leave behind as they climb in and out of the car, it also cleans rubber-  like tires – and has a non-greasy finish. If you have a convertible or a leather interior, check out 303 Automotive to get those clean as well!

I like what these products have to offer and am glad to have them in my arsenal to keep my car clean. like that I can pull my car out into the driveway and get it clean at home. The savings of money doing it myself with quality products is immense! You can get all of these great products at NAPA Auto Parts! Find a store near you!

Car Care is Made Easy with 303 Automotive Products #303Automotive ad

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