Do you ever feel like you just get lucky?  Like something drops in your lap that you would have never found on your own but needed all along?

How would you like to pass that feeling onto your preschooler every single day?  Then THIS is the CD for you and your preschooler!

For a mere $4.99 (or .99 a song) on iTunes, you can purchase and download 30 songs that are clear, concise, easy to learn, and easy to dance to!  My 4, 3, and 1 year old have been bebopping around to it all week!  

Classics like “Head, Shoulder, Knees, and Toes”, “Old McDonald” and “The Alphabet Song” filter through the air and are drowned out by little girls voices singing them at the top of their lungs.  New favorites like, “The Days of the Week” and “So Long Now” cause them to dance, but listen intently, trying to learn the words.  
I put the CD on today as my daughters were finishing their spaghetti and meatball lunch.   Katie and Sarah immediately jumped up, started singing along to “Shapes”!  When the song asked which shape was their favorite, Sarah screamed out in delight “SQUARE”!  I decided to grab the camera and snap my messy kids dancing like maniacs to this fantastic CD!
Before I knew it we had danced to 7 or 8 songs with out stopping, except when the girls would scream “What’s coming on next?”, while the next song loaded.  I danced with them, enjoying their ‘moves’, laughter, karaoke style singing and delight when they knew the words to the song!  
We got our exercise, our lessons for the day, and our no responsibility girl time!  And I feel like a good Mom!
This CD is a must for all households with young children.  And I feel blesed that I got a copy and now have it to play every day!  As an added bonus, there are 30 songs!  We will never get bored with it!