**I JUST got mine and could not be more excited!  Especially now that I see that this is now only $52.99  $50.74 On Amazon!!  More savings for YOU!  :)**

No, this is not a typo!  I bought my Chi 7 years ago for $199.99!  They have not dropped much in price in all of that time.  Why?  Because, quite frankly, they are the best Flat Iron tool, in my opinion, out there!

Last year, my Chi broke (my daughter yanked it off the counter and it broke the plate from the tool – thank God it was not on!).  I actually cried!  But I did not have $200 to replace it.  I still don’t!

But I bet I can scrounge together $58.00 to have the Farouk CHI 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Hairstyling Iron shipped to my door!  Over 69% OFF!  I got Free Prime Shipping as an Amazon Mom.

You know that supplies are NOT going to last!   So HURRY!!

THANK YOU SlickHousewives.com!!

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