I have recently been introduced to SaveMore and have been waiting for just the right deal to let you guys get the most from your $10 sign up bonus!


If you have a SaveMore Account, click Here for this deal!

How about using $5.00 of it (you get 2 $5.00 credit for 2 different purchases) and getting an awesome Collapsible Water Bottles? Eco- friendly, reusable, and in a myriad of bright colors!  You get one per order and FREE SHIPPING!

The best part?  Each water bottle is $5.00!  So, with your credit, they are FREE!

Fun, right?  And if you already have an account, and have used your credits, $5.00 is still 50% off regular retail and for a reusable asset, that is not too bad!

I ordered one and will love that I can drink my water and them cram it into a backpack, wash it and use it again!  So much better than the bulky plastic that will just be thrown away!

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