I love Bounty products!  And I love Bounty on sale even more!  We are a paper napkin kind of family and this package of Bounty Quilted Napkins, White, 100-Count Napkins (Pack of 20) is ONLY $23.57 a pack, or .01 cents per napkin!  That is 62% OFF!

Here is how you get it:

1)  Click on the link for Bounty Quilted Napkins, White, 100-Count Napkins (Pack of 20)

2)  Choose the Subscribe and Save option.  Basically, you sign up to have future deliveries of the same product you are buying and how often you want it sent (I choose 3 -6 months), and then you get an extra 15% off your purchase.  Just remember, if you don’t want another delivery, to cancel the option before it ships.  There is NO obligation to take delivery!

3)  Get FREE SHIPPING to your door since you chose the Subscribe and Ship option!

That’s it!

Thank You DealHuntingDiva.com!

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