You have heard me brag about Swagbucks for a while now.  It has to be the easiest way to collect “points”  and turn them in for prizes – like Amazon gift cards, Chili’s gift cards and SO much more – on the web!  I paid for a lot of my Christmas last year with Swagbucks and I plan on paying for all of it this year!

All you do is search the web like normal but under the Swagbucks toolbar instead of your browser and you can earn on any search term!  Plus you can find Swagcodes and participate in their holiday promotions where you can collect special bucks worth a ton!

If you are going to search the internet anyway, you might as well earn for it!

And because we are all catching onto the Swagbucks fun, they are celebrating their 4th birthday and giving back to us!  All you have to do is RSVP to their Birthday Bash and you could WIN $1,000!  4 winners will be announced February 27, 2012!

If you are NEW TO SWAGBUCKS, sign up using code BIRTHDAYBASH12  and get an additional 110 Swag Bucks when entered during the sign up process. That means you will start with 140 Swag Bucks instead of the customary 30.  See – already you are saving bucks!

RSVP to the Birthday Bash now and if you win, come back and tell me you did! I would LOVE it to be one of my sign ups!

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