The reviewer received a digital video baby monitor from VTech for review. All opinions are my honest thoughts.

Every new parent needs a baby monitor to afford peace of mind when going about their daily activities. The new Expandable Digital Video Baby Monitor from Vtech affords that peace of mind all day and all night.

New Expandable Digital Video Baby Monitor from VTech is everything a new parent needs. ad

When I first had Harold I didn’t think we’d need nor want a baby monitor. Our house is fairly small, and it was one of those items I figured I could skip over. Then I saw the new VTech digital video monitor and thought maybe a monitor would be useful – especially one with so many extra features.

VTech’s Expandable Digital Video Baby Monitor has a wide angle lens that allows me to see more of what’s going on in the nursery. With 4 older kids who love their baby to pieces, this is an important feature for me. Sometimes I can’t get to Harold right away, so the other kids get there first. When that happens I can allow a little bonding time while still keeping an eye on the whole situation.


Like this adorable shot I caught of big brother checking on little brother.

This digital video baby monitor has so many other awesome features. With a 6x optical zoom, I can see every little thing I need to in his room. The zoom is controlled from the parent unit, and while it makes a small sound in the nursery, it hasn’t bothered Harold at all. When nighttime hits I don’t have to worry about leaving a light on because this monitor has night vision!

New VTech digital video monitor has night vision. ad

So that is all on the actual camera side, but on the parent unit there is a multitude of other features. From the parent unit you can check the temperature in the nursery, enjoy a two-way conversation to help soothe baby, and play lullabies for baby! This has been incredibly awesome to make sure his room doesn’t get too hot or too cold. The kids have loved using it to chat to Harold and play him music when he wakes up.

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