Vertiplay™ product was exchanged for this post. All opinions are 100% the honest thoughts of Adelina from Home Maid Simple.

Doors. Bedroom doors, bathroom doors, home doors. We live in a world of doors that open and close. Teaching our kids to respect the privacy of a closed door has been forefront on my mind lately.

See, we live in this home where none of the indoor locks actually work. I mean, they work, but if you tug just right the door will pop open. So bathroom privacy and bedroom privacy have been a bit non-existent.

With a preteen and a growing little boy in the house, I knew this needed to change. Vertiplay™ sent me over these adorable door knockers to check out, and we are in love! The kids immediately chose their favorite knocker for each door, and the Tiger was placed on the bathroom door. Each knocker is attached to a sticker of sorts that sticks on the doors. They stick great and have held up fantastically to the kid’s door knocking fun.

Vertiplay™ Door Knockers teach privacy in a fun way

I have a “door open” policy in our home. We don’t have a playroom or any extra room, so the kids spend a lot of time playing in their rooms. They started using it as a way to exclude each other from play. I couldn’t have that because it meant tears every. single. day. The problem now came when the kids needed to change clothes. Doors would be closed, but our open door policy meant other children would enter the room unannounced at times they shouldn’t.

The Vertiplay™ door knockers from Oribel have solved all our problems! We no longer have to have an open door policy at all. The kids are learning to knock, and respect the privacy of each other. I’d explain further, but this video my 6-year-old insisted I take I think does all the explaining you’ll need.

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