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Tweens and Teens maybe the hardest beings to shop for, but not with Zuru!  We found some gifts that will add a little sparkle to your tweens life!  Zuru brings the Sparkles and and A Dancing LLAMA too!!  My daughter couldn’t stop smiling, laughing and dancing while playing with these toys!

Gifts That Will Add Little Sparkle to Your Tweens Life-photo of egg toys and llama on ADayinMotherhood.com


Rainbocorns Series 2 is the ultimate surprise egg! There are 13 new characters to collect including Unicorns, Llamacorns, Pandacorns and even a rare golden Flamingocorn! There are more surprises like stickers, Rainbocorn accessories and ooey gooey Rainbocorn poop, which is so satisfying! This was my daughters absolute favorite part of the egg!  There are 10 layers to hatch and discover, with a cute, baby Boo-Boocorn hiding inside, and a surprise reversible sequin heart that can be clipped to your backpack!

Sparkles and Surprise there is A Dancing LLAMA by Zuru-photo of egg toy on ADayinMotherhood.com

Also, discover the most BOW-utiful surprises with Rainbocorns Big Bow Surprise!  Hatch open the giant egg to discover the biggest Rainbocorn yet, with over 25 layers of fun!  Pop your sparkly Big Bow off the golden egg and wear it as the cutest accessory.  Find even more surprises like new sequin hearts, adorable accessories, stickers, and all new collectible Bow-Bowcorns! This is the largest surprise egg ever!!

Mini Brands

This is a really fun egg to unwrap, peel, and reveal!  There are REAL miniature collectibles with 5 Surprise Mini Brands! What Surprises will you unbox?  There are over 70 miniatures of your favorite brands to collect, including rare Metallic and Glow in the Dark minis, and Super Rare Golden Minis too! Collect them all to create your own mini shopping world!

Gifts That Will Add Little Sparkle to Your Tweens Life-photo of a dancing llama on ADayinMotherhood.com

Pets Alive Boppi the Booty Shakin’ Llama

I can’t put into words the giggles and laughter that has come from this adorable Booty Shakin’ Llama!!  My daughter is in love!  She won’t stop moving and shaking, and it even will get the whole family up dancing and laughing for hours! Three awesome songs to bop and spin to.  You will not want to miss this award winning toy, named National Parenting Product Award Winner!

All in all Zuru has made shopping for your tween and teen fun loving girls a little easier!

How much fun and laughter can you discover with Zuru?