*I received a Bassibag for review. All opinions are my own honest thoughts.*

With less than 30 days left in school, we are making our summer travel plans a bit more solid. Traveling with new babies can be difficult at first, but with the right tools, they don’t have to be. The Bassibag has so many benefits for traveling babies.

Travel in style with baby this summer and the Bassibag. ad

The Bassibag is a 3 in 1 product that every Mother on the go could use. Bassibag at first glance looks like an ultra thin, non-bulky diaper bag. A quick unzip, however, and the diaper bag turns into a portable changing station and/or Bassinet. The sides worried me at first, and I still wish they had some kind of stiffer material to hold them up and out away from the baby, but they also haven’t been an issue.

Babies always seem to require a ton of gear. Diapers, wipes, rash cream, blanket, spit up rag, bottle, ice pack/cooler for bottle, stroller, car seat…the list just keeps on going. Having an almost all in one baby bag seriously makes my life so much easier.

travel with baby in style and comfort with the Bassibag. ad

I wish I’d discovered this before I was on Baby #5, but now it’s worth every penny as we run around town and plan our family vacation. Here’s how we’re using the Bassibag:

Bassibag at Home

Our biggest use of the Bassibag has been around the home. We spend a lot of time visiting nearby family, so it has become the perfect place to lay baby away from the 8 kids running around, and allow him to still get a nap in. I’ve also taken it outside to lay the baby in while working in the garden, or just to enjoy the sunishine. With diapers and wipes stored in the side pocket I don’t have to go back inside for anything – not eve the diaper change!

Bassibag Around Town

It’s also great when you’re out and about and realize there are no nearby bathrooms with changing tables, a recent occurrence at our local living history museum. With older kids, we plan to spend a lot of time at parks now that the weather is warmer. I’ve learned I can’t always count on park bathrooms to be clean or even have a changing table. Plus the Bassibag is going to be a better option for an on the go nap then sitting in a stroller.

Bassibag On Vacation

Summer Vacation is quickly coming. The main reason I wanted to try the Bassibag with this baby is because we have a cross country trip in the works. We’re headed to a family reunion followed by a few weeks visiting grandparents. The Bassibag will act not only as our diaper bag but his bed too as we stay at hotels and family homes for a month. At some point, I can almost guarantee a camping trip will happen as well, and this is just what we need to make family camping fun for everyone with the baby.

What Baby product makes traveling easier for you?