I received the product in exchange for our honest thoughts on these new Super Wings™ toys. All opinions are my own.

new Super Wings™ toys will excite kidsIt just so happened that when we opened our box of new Super Wings™ toys my niece and nephew were over visiting. I found myself surrounded by children excited to get these remote control planes out, as well as the Flip and Fly mini planes. My ears began ringing with the theme song

Super Wings, Oh Oh! Starring Jett, and Dizzy, Donnie, and Jerome. Super Wings, Let’s Go! Going ’round the world, helping boys and girls.

Super Wings™ toy reviewThe Super Wings™ Flip and Fly Dizzy and Donnie were the immediate favorites of the older kids. It took them a little bit to figure out how to open the case, and then a bit more to fly the planes out, but once the problem solved, there was no end to the races across our floor.

For ages 3+ and prices at $4.99, these make a fun toy for siblings to share and play with each other.

Super Wings™ Flip and FlyOnce we had the Flip and Fly’s out and going, we moved on to the Jett and Paul remote control planes. With lights and sounds the younger kids immediately took a liking to these simple to use remote controls. They move forward and around 360 degrees to glide back to the kids.

We did find that if you have two of these like we do, they can’t be used in the same room as the remote controls cross and the stronger one will take over flying for both planes. This has created quite the dueling of remotes, and some pretty awesome belly laughing from the smallest ones.

While these are for ages 3+ as well, with close supervision our 1 year old absolutely loves holding the remote and making the planes fly in constant circles. Just check out the video below and try not to smile.

New Super Wings™ remote control planes