*Strictly Briks were provided in exchange for a review. Opinions are all my own*

Build vertically with Strictly Bricks stackable base plates! ad

We all have those sets of toys that our kids will never outgrow of. We’ll keep them long past childhood because they were loved, and will continue to be loved by generations to come. I can think of a couple toys in our home, but one specific set.

Building bricks.

They’ll never go out of style, and for a number of great reasons. My favorite is that they are completely open-ended. Sure you can buy some really pricey sets with instructions, and set them on a shelf to be looked at. Or you can create whatever your imagination comes up with.

We are in love with these stackable base plates from Strictly Briks. We were quickly running out of space for 4 kids (plus the extra 4 I have during the weekdays), to build without getting in each other’s way. With these baseplates, there’s a space for everyone.When they are done building I can stack them up out of the way. Of course, it’s fun to make a multilevel home as well.

3D Play Set: The Cube and Creatorz. adStrictly Briks makes a lot of fun open-ended building bricks that are compatible with other popular building brick sets. Along with the baseplates, our new favorite is the 3D Play Set: The Cube & Creatorz.

Initially the cube can be difficult to put together, and may require some adult help, however, once it’s been put together a few times, it loosens up and is easier for the kids.

We love that we have every surface to build on with the cube. The Creatorz set, however, is what really makes this fun. It’s one of those things I remember saying as a kid “I wish these could be put together from the sides”. Well someone finally did it! Building bricks with the option to build all around it!

Strictly Briks building bricks compatible with other popular sets. ad

The Cube can be used to store the briks, or if you have larger compatible bricks, you can build the cube the opposite way so these larger pieces are on the outside. For that matter, you could also mix and match the sides and really have some building fun.

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