I don’t know if you guys do this but my husband and I both sleep with 2 pillows.  One under our head, kinda sideways, and one sort of triangularly tucked behind the back of our heads.  And we wake up all night readjusting.  It’s really quite ridiculous.

SO -I am buying THESE 2 pack of SideSleeper Pro Pillows with Ergonomic Support for the back and neck + 100% Cotton Pillow Cases!  They look so comfortable and like once you are laying on one, you have no reason to move!  BONUS!

Happily, I will pay the 84% OFF price of $14.99 and shipping of $4.99.  Even with shipping, these are 80% off the regular price of $89.99!

And since I am buying them through ShopAtHome.com, I will get 2% back on my purchase!

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