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Every year I like to get the kids at least one new movie to add to our collection. This year they’ve all been enthralled with the newest My Little Pony and the Equestria Girls, and thanks to our little boy Transformers has become a staple to watch as well. I was excited to see that Shout! Factory had a ready list of all of our favorites!

Christmas Movie Package for kids from Shout! Factory #ad

They arrived in the mail and I hid them away in the closet so I could wrap their movie once everyone was asleep. My dear loving children however seem to get into things they shouldn’t all the time! So out comes the 9 year old with this huge smile one day “Mooommmm….what are those movies for?”

SHHHHHHH I tell her. Those were going to be your Christmas presents. Don’t tell your siblings please!

Then an even better idea hit! This was a great time to teach my oldest the joy of giving gifts to others – especially her siblings. So we hit ourselves in my bedroom (pardon the mess), and did a little Christmas wrapping together.

Shout! Factory Kids and Family DVD and Blu-rays #ad

We picked up a roll of My Little Pony wrapping paper for the girls movies, and used some regular Christmas themed for the Transformers. Now movies are fun and all, but what we really love is every Friday night gathering together and having what has been dubbed Movie Night. It’s so simple to add that extra touch when gifting movies. I whipped up some Movie Ticket Tags, bought some individual popcorn bags, and held it all together with a little Christmas-y twine.

Christmas Movie Package for kids from Shout! Factory #ad

I like to leave little hints and clues for the kids presents. Something that they may figure out, but also may not. So of course here the My Little Pony wrapping paper is hinting to the movie title, while their gift tags are just screaming movie! We’ll see if they guess it. Knowing the 9 year old is giving the movies, I took the other kids all out shopping individually for each other. It’s going to be an MLP Christmas over here! With a large stuffed Twilight Sparkle for the oldest, and Rarity’s Boutique for all 3 girls from their brother.

Christmas Movie Package for kids from Shout! Factory #ad

Shout! Factory has a myriad of movies that the whole family will love! Whether it’s My Little Pony and Transformers like my kids, or if you prefer some older shows like JEM and the Holograms or Wild Thornberry’s.

What shows are your kids into? Do they like getting movies for Christmas? 

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