This tour stop for The Secret of Bald Rock Island is written by Adelina from Home Maid Simple. Thoughts are 100% my own honest opinion.


Summer is here, and for me, it actually means more time to read, and read with the kids. Books inspire many of our activities, but also provide time to relax from the adventures.

The Secret of Bald Rock Island book review. #karekidsadventures ad

After a rough day trying to adjust to our new summer schedule, and with little structure in place, I buckled down and enforced “Quiet Time”. The kids grabbed pillows and blankets, and I made sure they all had enough space between each other to keep their hands to themselves.

You all have days like that right? Rather than just letting everyone be quiet, though, I took the opportunity to introduce them to a new book and series by Charles A. Salter – Kare Kids Adventures Book 1: The Secret of Bald Rock Island.

I thought for sure it would be one my oldest would enjoy listening to since the main character is 10 years old and heads out on an adventure. To my surprise, the 2 older girls fell asleep a few chapters in, but Rosalina my 6-year-old was entranced in the story. She’d stop me periodically to ask prediction questions.

We turned it into a game where we both predicted what we thought would happen, and then read another chapter to see who was right before making another prediction. We finished the book in about an hour, and then discussed the theme of adventure, but also loss. What would it be like to grow up with stories of a monster under living under your town, and without a parent in the picture?

The Secret of Bald Rock Island #KareKidsAdventures ad

I love what the author had to say about the main character, and what he hopes children will learn from these books.

Kelcie may be only ten year old, but she knows how to think for herself and decide how she can best help others. She is a true “Kare Kid” who not only has a caring attitude towards family, friends, animals, and the environment, but she translates that concern into real action to accomplish her goals. In the surprise ending of the book – when she finally confronts the mysterious island creature face to face – her beliefs and principles about life and nature lead her to suggest an amazing solution to the adults on the scene.

It’s always nice to find a book that will hold the attention of at least one of my children. The rest of the kids eventually woke up, and suddenly our summer routine was set. The kids have been happier, we’ve had some adventures, but most importantly the kids are all now taking time to read  each day.

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