Libby’s, Libby’s…. errr…  Libby’s Rocks?


OK – so maybe Libby’s need some of my talented and creative readers to rewrite their jingle for them because, clearly, I am all jingled out!

And if you win the $10,000, I get 10%.  Well, legally I can not do that but it at least makes me feel good to type it out!

But what I can do is tell YOU all about the contest that Libby’s and Jewel are putting on to find a new jingle and YOU could win some serious moola!!

Plus notoriety, and attention, and accolades, and all that other stuff!


I love Libby’s!  I love making family meals with quality ingredients and products.  Libby’s makes it easy for me to gather my family around the table every night!  So, what better way to help spread the word about the importance of healthy meals and family time than to help promote a great company?

Get creative!  USE YOUR KIDS!  Make it a family fun night event!

Ok – here is the nitty gritty!

“To enter the contest go to the Libby’s Table Facebook page (, click on the Jingle Contest tab and upload your video version of the jingle. You will have until May 13 to submit your entries, at which point Libby’s special guest judge, Jewel, will select five finalists to compete for America’s vote to win the $10,000 grand prize, $2,500 second place prize, and $1,000 third place prize.

Jewel will also be recording her version of the Libby’s jingle, which will debut in September. Between working on a new children’s album, starring in Bravo’s new music competition series Platinum Hit, and preparing for a baby boy,  Jewel knows how hard it can be to manage schedules and make time for family meals.”

SO – let’s get your song on people!  I would LOVE for one of my readers to WIN!  Cause mama likes to eat out…  I mean..  cause that would be SO cool!

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**This post is sponsored through Mom Bloggers Club.  All opinions are mine.”