I would venture to say that J.K. Rowlings new novel, The Casual Vacancy is one of the most anticipated books coming in the near future.  The author of the Harry Potter series dives into the adult novel market with a story of a town at war underneath the cobblestone streets.  The novel will be released on Kindle and in Hardcover on September 27, 2012.  But of your pre-order it now for your Kindle or electronic device for only $19.99 or 46% off the suggested price.  Pre-order the hardcover for 40% off at only $21.00.  The hardcover will be shipped free on the release date!

I am so excited about this and have my pre-order in!  Get yours too!

Don’t have a Kindle?   You can download it on your Blackberry, iPhone, Windows PC, Mac, Android, and Windows 7 Phone using your FREE Kindle Reading Apps! I download all of my stuff to my iPhone in about 30 seconds flat!

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