This is a guest post by Adelina Priddis, author at Home Maid Simple. Product was exchanged for an honest review. 

I sit on my couch, after sending the girls off to school, trying to decide if I should eat a second breakfast – perhaps one a bit more healthy than the cereal I ate with them – and reflect on my life. It’s during this time that I usually have a bit of quiet before the little boy is all up in my face with “Play with me mom. Come here mom. I neeeeed you!”

Living a life of plenty. ad

It’s those rare moments I find that remind me I’m living a pretty wonderful life. A life full of Plenti if you will. Have you tried this new yogurt yet? It reminds me quite a bit of my life. I want to like the life I live, but sometimes my trials feel overwhelming. That’s when I need those moments to dig down and find all the little bits of goodness I do have.

Throughout my life I’ve moved more times than I care to admit these days…21. I’d really and truly love to not ever move again. However, despite that, I wouldn’t trade any of those moves because with each one I learn something about myself and my kids, and I get to meet fantastic people! So how do I, and how can you, live a plentiful life despite our personal struggles? Easy, find the small things you wouldn’t trade, and remember them.

Plenty of time for kids

Make plenty of friends

I’ve had the pleasure to make many friends from all walks of life. Some are hilarious, some are more spiritual. Some keep me grounded and remind me we all struggle with something; while others inspire me to dream and take chances.

Make plenty of time to learn

Life is all about learning. As babies we learn to use our bodies – walk, talk, and feel emotions. Our learning should never end. Last year I made the choice to go back to school, despite being plenty busy at home. The more I learn, the more successful at life I feel – and not just career wise, life in general.

Have plenty of kids

Now don’t roll your eyes at me, I saw that. Have as many kids as fits you! Kids keep us young, and can put life back in perspective when we start feeling lost. For me, my kids are the little bits of fruit mixed in the yogurt. That sweet spot you hit when you need it most, and always good in large doses. If you don’t have kids, find one to borrow for a day – you can thank me later (and their mom will thank you too!)

How do you live a life of Plenti?

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