This is a guest review by Adelina from Home Maid Simple. Review opinions of Pilot Pens are her honest thoughts and experiences.

Whether you’re a Doctor, School Teacher, Musician, Janitor, or Mother, we all have a story to tell. I like to share that story online via a blog and social media. I also keep a journal. My handwriting is not the greatest, but there is something to be said for putting pen to paper and letting out every thought, feeling and experience of your life.

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I’ve kept a journal since my 8th birthday when I received one as a present from my parents. I still have it, and can only laugh at the types of things that concerned me back then. I wrote in pencil, marker and pen. The marker has bled through pages making some of my old entries difficult to read. The pencil has faded in spots, or been rubbed by the paper for too long it’s smudged.

The pen, though. The pen has held true for keeping my life story readable. These days, I only write in my journal with a pen. Preferably black to keep a nice streamlined look to every entry, but in moments of epiphany and with no black pen to find, I will grab whatever I can find the quickest. See thoughts fly around in my head, and often jump out before I can write them down. If I don’t stop and write, I forget.

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I don’t want to forget. I also don’t want to be forgotten. So I write in a journal that I hope my kids will one day read. While for now I shield them from the troubles and heartaches I experience, I hope one day they’ll be able to read those side by side with the joys and success I experience to benefit their own life, and influence their story.

Shoplet sent me a pack of their Acroball Pilot Pens and Dr. Grip Frosted pen to review. Opening the package, I knew I needed to make something to keep these pens a little more accessible. They fit nicely in my hand and glide over the paper with their ballpoint tip. The fast drying pro-hybrid ink ensure smudges are few and far between.

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They are too nice for filling in the sky in a coloring book. Speaking of which, does anyone else raise an eyebrow when their kids color with a pen instead of the myriad of other coloring options you’ve purchased for them?

To encourage my kids to write their story, but also keep our Pilot Pens available to everyone, I whipped up this inspirational pen jar. I took a jelly jar and filled it halfway with colorful beads. Then attached one of my favorite writing quotes.

Writing is the Painting of the Voice.


Those simple words paint a vibrant picture in my head. I keep my journal close by, along with my blog scheduler, and my mini sketchbook so no thoughts will go unwritten. Some have meaning to life, and some make sure I don’t forget Dr’s appointments.

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