Owlet Baby Monitor sent me a monitor to check out. All thoughts are 100% the honest opinions of Adelina from Home Maid Simple.

Imagine back to when your kids were newborn babies. The anxiety of putting them down to sleep, and checking on them way more than was probably necessary just for peace of mind. Was it really peaceful though?

Owlet Baby Monitor offers peace of mind. ad

Maybe it was just me, but the constant worry that my baby would stop breathing if I wasn’t right next to them every second of their sleep, usually left us both with restless nights. Really, how would you feel if someone kept touching your belly or leaning over your face while you slept?

After 4 kids we truly thought we were done. So when we made the decision to try for baby 5, there was a bit more anxiety on my part. I’d gotten rid of everything baby related a few years ago, and I was no longer up to date on the safest products and recommendations for baby. What if I really screw this one up? And the sleepless nights..I’m just not sure I’m ready to go back to that.

Owlet monitors baby's heart rate and oxygen level. ad

When I came across the Owlet Baby Monitor, I knew I wanted it. Sorry, not want, needed! The Owlet does everything I was doing, plus some, in a non-invasive comfortable wearable sock for baby. It’s thrilling to see something like this in the market for new parents and parents to be today. If only it had been there when my older kids were infants.

The Owlet monitor fits inside a truly soft sock that fits over baby’s foot. The socks range in size from 0-18months, making this a one time purchase for long term peace of mind. To see how your baby is doing, you’ll download the free Owlet app, and sync it to the Owlet base station. The smart sock is synched to the base station, which is then designed to send notifications about baby’s heart rate and oxygen to the base station.


We still have 4 months before meeting baby 5, but the peace of mind I have already felt having the Owlet Baby Monitor in our home can not be beaten! If you know an expecting couple, put this at the top of their gift list this year. They will thank you!