*I received Origami Kits for review. All opinions are my own.*

Fold and Fly All In One Origami Kits. adThe kids went back to school this week. They managed to get 3 days in before an ice storm came and canceled school for today. You know it’s bad when our school closes. We’ve lived here 3 years, and this is the first Snow Day we’ve had.

Having the kids home, and the weather a bit too unpleasant to spend any time outdoors, means we might be going just a tad bonkers inside. Or at least we would if we didn’t have some fun things like these origami all-in-one kits.

Origami Fold and Fly Birds. adWe’ve been absolutely loving the Fold and Fly Butterflies, Birds, and other Animals that Fly kit. The book itself is full of bright pictures and very easy to follow instructions.

Our first origami creation was the Macaw Parrot. We found the correct paper in the pack, then followed the instructions in the book, and the numbers on the paper. Boy, were we surprised when after folding a beautiful looking Parrot, it also actually flew across the room. It was the best paper airplane we’d ever created, and it looked cool too. Fold and Fly Macaw Parrot. adThe Fold and Fly Kit has over 25 paper creations, and 140+ papers with half containing preprinted designs and numbered folds, making it easy to get your origami kits folded and flying in no time.

Fold and Fly Butterflies Origami Kits. adAfter making some birds, butterflies, and even a bat I was feeling pretty confident in our paper folding ability. I turned to the second Origami Kit – Origami Animals Super Pack. This kit comes with a 32-page instruction book and over 232 sheets of paper.

This kit is admittedly harder to follow. I was definitely relying on the fold lines and numbers in the Fold and Fly kit that aren’t included in this one. I plan on spending some of this wintry day watching some youtube videos with the kids so we can master these folds and add more ground animals to our paper creations. It’s going to take a bit more time to master though.