I have a loyal, AWESOME, reader who left this comment on my blog today:

I just had verbal diarrhea on A Thrifty Mom’s wall about this because it’s one of my favorite blogs and now I’m gonna tell you, since you’re also one of my faves! :) Have you ever used NoMoreRack? They have the same feel as 1saleaday by offering new and awesome sales every day. I ::love:: them. Awesome discounts, sometimes even being free! For instance, their “Wild Weekends” sale this weekend includes a free silicone cover for the iPhone 4g (just pay .99 shipping) AND up to $60 to YMI, a women’s jean/clothing online retailer. So if you haven’t checked them out, I suggest you do! I swear I don’t work for them, I’m just passing the deals along lol. – SARAH M.

I immediately signed up for NoMoreRack.com on her recommendation.

And then I went info searching!  Turns out, this site is really cool!  Not only can you earn free stuff- real free stuff like flat irons and televisions – but you can buy things really super inexpensively!  To earn free stuff, you just invite your friends!

And the sales are on anything at all!  Like clothing, jewelry and more.  They offer 8 deals a day INCLUDING FREEBIES!  Today’s Freebie are the clean case for your iPhone 4G!  OR a $20 Voucher to YMI Divine!

And then there are these fabulous deals called INSANITY DEALS!  Now these are super discounted deals that NoMoreRack.com put up for a little while.  They are hard to get before they are sold out but – IF you get one, you get a STEAL!  One of the bloggers I talked to said her reader got a Kindle Fire yesterday for $25 bucks!  And anther is trying to get a PS3 for $19!  These deals END December 21, 2011

All new, all in package, all shipped for only $2!

So, thanks to Sarah and confidently, after talking to multiple bloggers who have used it for a while, I will be seeking out and letting you know about the deals on NoMoreRack.com!  Especially the Insanity Deals!

Sign up now and take a look around!  I already see three things today that I like!  I can’t wait to see what they have tomorrow!

Thank you Sarah!

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