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We are in the start of summer and this Texas heat is already doing a number on me and my kids.  I have water bottles always full or ready to uncap at any time.  Nestlé® Pure Life® Purified Water wants you to stay hydrated too!

Nestle Pure Life


Nestlé® Pure Life’s® Facebook page is powered by almost 400,000 fans! Last year, over 100,000 fans joined the Nestlé® Pure Life® Hydration Movement by pledging to swap one sugary beverage a day with water for a year to cut 50,000 calories from their diet, and then share their family’s story of healthy hydration on the Facebook page mosaic.

And I am doing it in my household too.  In fact, we do not even have any drinks in this house right now that could be considered soda or high sugared juices.  It is imperative that my kids and I stay hydrated all summer long and throughout the year!

I remember growing up and going to my Grandmother’s house.  She had this huge yard with old, mature trees that backed up to a creek.  In fact, one of the reasons I love my current home is because it reminds me of hers.

Anyway, we would go out in the morning catching craw daddy’s with bacon on a string and when we came back, Grandmother always had ice cold water for us.  I don’t remember ever having juice at her house and I sort of raise my kids the same way now.  They have it, but it is very sparing.

Water is essential for them and me!  So join me, won’t you?

Become a fan of Nestlé® Pure Life® on Facebook and stay tuned for the launch of this year’s Hydration Movement in late July! Nestlé® Pure Life® will continue to focus on healthy hydration, while also embracing Mom’s Wisdom – sharing and discovering all of the little things that moms  -and Grandmother’s – have shared over the generations that make our lives better. And one thing all moms can agree on is that it’s important to keep the family healthy, hydrated and happy.

This year, Nestlé® Pure Life® is asking fans to take a simple online pledge to drink more water.  You can also enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win prizes and share their own wisdom through the Facebook mosaic.

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