At MurphyUSA

Gas prices are HIGH!  So very, very high.   I choke every time it takes $60 bucks to fill up my minivan!

In my interest to save every single penny I can on gas and – more importantly – my husband’s gas bill, I search high and low for deals.  Because every single dollar counts!

I found out recently that this wonderful FREE “check in”  app on my phone called Foursquare, which I am addicted to since getting my phone 2 weeks ago, has specials attached to certain stores when you “check in”.

Getting Gas!

All I did to get it was go to my app market on my phone and scroll until I found Foursquare.  I signed up and boom, my GPS found my phone and the locations around it including restaurants, gas stations, clothing stores, and more!  Plus, it listed specials that certain places offer just for checking in with Foursquare!

And when I do check in somewhere, it posts to my Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Now my friends and I in my area can chat about places I am!  It really is great!

So I took my phone with my Foursquare app and headed to MurphyUSA, the gas stations at WalMart,  who has a special on Foursquare offering $2 off of your $20 or more gas purchase at any of their 1000 locations!  With gas being close to $4 a gallon, $3.78 at the MurphyUSA I went to today, $2 makes a difference!  If anything, it just makes me happy to know that a gas company cares!

So, I took my husband, his gas drinking truck, and my daughters to MurphyUSA today to see if I could get my $2 off every $20 or more purchase!

My Savings Crew!

The GPS on my phone located and I checked in at MurphyUSA on Foursquare!  Sure enough, the gas special popped up!  In addition, there was another special for a free pack of gum so I took advantage of that too!

It was so easy!  I showed the cashier the code on Foursquare, they entered into the computer, I told them how much gas I wanted,  they deducted the $2 and then my husband filled up his truck.

And then we drove away feeling a little less, well, depressed about our gas bill!

So sign in and check in with Foursquare and start saving at MurphyUSA!   I sure will be taking full advantage of this deal this summer!


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