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A great way to make a little extra spending money throughout the month is to take surveys.

We know your time as a Mom is valuable. That’s why Mommy Knows Surveys has a screening procedure in place that maximizes your chances of qualifying for every survey we send you. In fact, our market research surveys have a qualifying rate of 85%, giving you a super chance of earning a little extra spending cash each month. Mommy Knows Surveys has a very efficient rewards policy in place with PayPal payments to members processed on the 1st and 15th of each month.

You can choose to take them or not.  Mommy Knows Surveys is a company that rewards you for every survey you take.  You’ll need to only accumulate $20 in survey pays to redeem the points for redemption.  And surveys are easy.  Think about how much time you spend just flipping around on the internet, wasting time. Turn that time into merchandise easily!

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