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The snow has come down, and while it’s fun to still play outside, we do spend more time indoors. That’s why one of my favorite presents to get the kids for the holidays is a new game.

Keep the kids entertained this winter inside with Marvel I Can Do That! Game. ad

Even before we had a little boy, we loved super-heroes. Marvel characters are a classic that will always have a place in our home. When our little guy came along, the super-heroes just became more ingrained in our family life. We’re often pretending to be spiderman, Captain America, and a host of made up heroes. Marvel’s I Can Do That! Game was just what we needed for the time we’ll be spending indoors this winter.

The I Can Do That! Game lets kids train to be super-heroes with their favorite characters tools. Spiderman’s web,  Thor’s Hammer, Captain America’s Shield, Captain Marvel’s Energy ball, and a Cosmic Cube, all get kids training to save the day.

Keep the kids entertained this winter inside with Marvel I Can Do That! Game. ad

The game is played by turning over 1 card from each of the 3 stacks. This will give you an action, a weapon, and a bit of challenge. Combine the three for some pretty awesome training moves. If the kids don’t think they can do one of the cards they can exchange it out for another one. This makes the game easy for a younger crowd, but with a simple change of the rules and older kids can also have fun.

After a couple training exercises if a child draws the Battle! card, they get to take on the Green Goblin. Have they trained enough? Will they be able to defeat evil and save the day? I Can Do That! the kids yell and put their training to the test.

Entertain kids indoors as they train with Marvel I Can Do That! Game

There is no right or wrong way to play I Can Do That! As long as everyone is getting a turn, and training to fight evil, you’ll find this game brings a lot of joy and a couple crazy moves to your home.