We received Malia’s Beach House in exchange for a review. Thoughts are the 100% honest opinion of Adelina from Home Maid Simple. ad

Are you ready for Christmas? This year my kids have raged over all different sets of magnets this past year, but our latest favorite has been Malia’s Beach House from Build & Imagine.


Just look at that face! This lucky girl happened to wake up with a stomach ache the day our Malia’s Beach House arrived in the mail. Since she was home and confined to her room for the day, she got first dibs on playing with Malia and building her perfect beach house. She has a hard time staying home from school, so this was the perfect toy to change up the monotony.


As we pulled the pieces out and examined what each room in the house was, and where she would put it, we got a little distracted with the front door. We both were pretty excited to see that it was a fully functioning door. The rest of the homes walls and floors are all 2 dimensional, but with bright artwork really making the home pop.

I don’t often get time one on one with the kids, but having her home sick and a new toy to boot, we really got to bond over Malia’s Beach House. I got to help put the house together – keeping in mind the 6-year-old was truly in charge – while she accessorized the rooms and dolls.


Before I could snap the picture, Malia had been wearing her snorkeling goggles and getting ready for a dive in her backyard pool…or perhaps the beach. The set comes with just the right amount of accessories for dressing up Malia and her friend, as well as for decorating the beach house. I did find the accessory magnets to be a bit on the small side, and that makes me worry we’ll lose them faster. However, they do stick well to the dolls and walls, so I’m not too concerned about it.


Basically, dollhouses have moved on from simple grab a doll and use your imagination to come up with a story. Now, with Build & Imagine, kids get to be the designer, the engineer, and the storytellers!

You can add the Glow in the Dark Slumber Party Expansion Pack to your Malia’s Build and Imagine fun too!

Malia's Beach House is fun with the Slumber Party Expansion pack too!

Malia's Beach House is a fun toy for all!