I have gotten a lot of things in the mail and online to sign up for the Disney Movie Club.  I have always hesitated.  Well, now that I have read the fine print and talked to others who are members, I am super excited to sign up and take advantage of the introductory offer of 3 movies for only $1.99 EACH with FREE SHIPPING on my initial order.  That is three favorites for less than $6!

Titles like Tangled, Toy Story 3, Princess and the Frog (to replace our lost one) and more are up for your choosing!  The list is LONG!  You can also order 2 bonus movies for $14.95 and $9.95, respectively and fulfill your obligation immediately for even less!  5 movies for $30.87 and FREE SHIPPING!  That is only $6.17 a movie!

After I sign up, I will be sent an email once a month offering me a new movie for $19.99 plus shipping.   Unless I decline, it will be automatically charged and sent to me.  But, if  do decline the title before the shipping date, I am never charged.  As long as I purchase 2 movies in a 24 month period, I am fulfilling the offer to get the first 3 for only $1.99.  If I do not order 2 more movies in 2 years, I will be charge full price for the initial 3.  I have three daughters and I bet I fulfill the requirement in less than 6 months!  LOL  An honestly 5 Disney movies for around $50 over two years is not too shabby!

Also as a member, you get a monthly Disney packet and catalog in the mail and there are stickers and other fun stuff inside for the kids!  That is just a cool perk!  Sign up now and surprise your kids with three Disney Movie Favorites!  Plus, check out the awesome Disney NO RISK Guarantee!

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