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Does your child want to grow up and be a medical doctor? Or do they just enjoy learning all about the human body? They will love Little Medical School’s kits for role play.

Encourage your kids to role play with My Little Medical School. ADAbout two years ago we moved to live near Mark’s brother who happens to be a Physicians Assistant. For as long as we’ve been married, anytime we had odd medical questions we’d call him first. Sometimes it would be for weird looking rashes, sometimes to ask how much spit up from a baby is normal.

Living near family is not only fun, it’s been pretty cool to learn from each other as well. The kids especially love asking their Uncle about every scrape or bump they get. When I saw Little Medical School had a My Little Pediatrician Kit, I thought it would be the perfect activity to help them grow their knowledge and learn from the Uncle at the same time.

My Little Medical School Pediatrican Kit enables role play for kids. AD

We just love having family we can drop in on and ask for a lesson on giving babies an exam! He’s such an awesome Uncle that he even let my oldest, Venice take a turn using his tools to check out our real live baby’s heart beat and ears.

Inside My Little Pediatrician Kit comes a plus baby, activity booklet, birth certificate, lab coat, and tape measure all packaged up in a Finnish Baby Box for safe sleep.

My Little Medical School Pediatrician Kit for kids role play. ADThe activity booklet takes kids through a thorough nose to toes exam on their plush baby. They learn about how to ID the baby with a bracelet at the hospital. Then they move on to changing the diaper, and eventually to the physical exam. The workbook ends teaching the kids how to keep babies safe while sleeping, including a little history lesson in the Finnish Baby Box.

My Little Medical Pediatrician Kit for kids roleplay. AD

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