Larabars is having their one time entry only Very Large Sweepstakes!  There are 590 Prizes up for grabs and entry is a short form! When you fill out the form you are automatically signed up for their emails.  You can cancel them after the contest if you do not find them useful!

Prizes include:

15 tote bags filled with ‘loot’ ($45 value)

20 random donations to Project Education Sudan ($10 value)

25 boxes of full sized LARABAR Pecan Pie ($24 value)

30 water bottles filled with LARABAR ($10 value)

500 Coupons for full sized LARABAR’S ($1.50 value)

The entry dates are November 1 – 30.   Winners will be posted on the LARABAR website on December 1, 2011.

Thank you!

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