Ravensburger sent Krazy Wordz to review. All opinions belong to the reviewer alone.

When you have a family, game nights are just part of life. The older the kids get, the more fun I find the games to be. Krazy Wordz is one we have fallen in love with for our older kids and adult game night.

Krazy Wordz: The Game of Making Sense out of Nonsense. ADI wasn’t sure about this one at first, so we tried it out with adults only first – learning how to play, and deciding if any of our kids could play successfully. Krazy Wordz provided a lot of laughs as we tried to decipher what words everyone was creating, how to pronounce them, and what topic they might possibly belong to.

Krazy Wordz nonsense example. ADFor example – Penecan. To me I pronounced this word Pen-eh-cun. The trick is trying to figure out how the word creator might be pronouncing their word. When you’re playing with people from different parts of the country, the way we pronounce can really come into play with this game. My original thought was that this word sounded like a bird – sort of like Pelican.

To figure it out finally, I reverted to looking a the different topics it could possibly be. Take a moment and decide what topic you would classify this nonsensical word as.

  • Building Material
  • Extreme Sport
  • Thorny Flower
  • Toilet Paper Brand
  • Hungarian Stew
  • Artificial Sweetener

Krazy Words topics. Penecan happens to be “Building Material”. See if you pronounce it slightly differently then I was going at it, it actually sounds like a very nasal “Paint Can”.

I’ll give you one more here. Using the same topics above, what topic would you assign the word Haskat to?

Krazy Wordz - Haskat nonsense word. ADThis one happens to be a Hungarian Stew. Did you get it right? See, Haskat isn’t actually a Hungarian Stew. It’s a nonsense word I made up, based on the letters I had, that sounded as close to what you maybe might find as a stew in Hungary. Honestly, I don’t even know what a Hungarian Stew is called.

While we decided our kids could play this game with us, it starts getting difficult the younger they are. If they didn’t understand the topic, they would ask us for help, which really just doesn’t work in this game. We did alter a few rules to enjoy it with the younger kids, but the older the kids and the more you stick to the original rules, the more fun we had.

Do you like word games like this one?