I have been hesitant to join the Disney Book Club even though we have every Disney Book ever written and I paid full price for them. But now with the Holidays coming, I am looking to cut corners wherever I can! Books are HUGE in my house so I don’t have to worry about the kids outgrowing this anytime soon and with the first 4 books only costing $0.99, I am already saving a ton!   Right now get FREE SHIPPING and a FREE Whinnie the Pooh BACKSEAT Organizer when you sign up!

There is never a commitment to purchase any other books and you can cancel anytime with no penalty. You will enter credit card information to get your books and organizer but you can go back after you get your order and cancel.  Or, like me, stay on and get more great books for prices that beat grocery stores! Trust me, I bought a Cinderella book last night for $7.50.  I would have been $4.99 with the Disney Book Club!

Check it out, get your freebies and treat your kids to real book with their favorite characters!

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