Sample  NowI realize that incontinence is one of those “taboo” subjects.  But, let’s face it, after three kids in 4 years, I think that fact that I need some protection in that area is perfectly normal.

And I am not alone… not by a long shot!   In fact, one in three women have issues with light bladder leakage!  I know my issues are most present when I laugh really hard, or sneeze, and even when I cough.  And when I am out somewhere, it can be really embarrassing if I don’t have any protection to save me!

So, I personally, do use Poise Pads!  I first discovered them when I got a FREE SAMPLE  from Sam’s Club.  And I have used them ever since!  They are comfortable, conform to my body much like a liner, absorb odor and wetness and keep me feeling fresh if I happen to have an issue!

Like when my 2 year old comes in, climbs on the coffee table, and starts belting out a song only she understand and I laugh so hard with pride that I have a little “issue”.  Because I can’t run to the bathroom… I have to watch my Megan perform like a Toddler Idol after all!  Those are the times that I am so glad I have Poise Pads!

Trust me, this is not a subject that I speak easily of at all.   But if there is a product that has worked for me that I can share with you, then I happily do so.

You can buy Poise Pads where I do, Sam’s Club!  And right now, during the October Women Health program, you can save $11.72 on a BIG box of Poise. To me, that is a huge savings!

So, head over to Sam’s Club, pick up you FREE Sample and – discreetly – save yourself from embarrassing situations that could arise with light bladder leakage!   Let me know if you agree that they make things just a little easier on your too!

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