Do you have a preschooler that loves to build?  Host a Duplo Read & Build House party and try out some new toys on your friends and their preschoolers!

Head to and apply! Your party must take place on or before August 4, 2012.

Here is how a House Party works.  The hostess gets the following:

  • LEGO DUPLO Read & Build Busy Farm sets
  • LEGO DUPLO poster
  • Magnetic picture frames
  • Sticker sheets
  • LEGO DUPLO plates
  • LEGO DUPLO napkins
  • And more!

The hostess invites all of her friends with preschoolers over, has a little party that lets everyone play with the toys and experience the books, and then she – and the guests – fill out a quick survey online telling House Party what everyone thought of the products!

That’s it!

Not everyone who applies is accepted and Bloggers are NOT the only ones selected!

Tips on getting approved for a House Party:

1)  Be very descriptive.  Show your passion for the product that will spill over into a great party

2)  Be sure to include ALL of the people that you are going to invite!  Even if it seems like a long shot that they might show up, they just might and you want House Party to know you have ‘reach’ not only online, but in real life!

3)  Ask your friends to help!  Email them and ask if you can present them as a possible guest

4)  Be honest.  If you are just doing a party to get the ‘loot’, House Party will sense that.  Talk about your preschooler and how they might love the products!

GOOD LUCK everyone and let me know if you got it!

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