**This partnership is brought to you by a collaboration with Ravensburger, ThinkFun, Wonder Forge and BRIO.  All opinions are my own.  Affiliate links may be included.

In a collaborative effort with some great partners, we have come up with a list of Gifts That Will Rock Into The New Year, New Decade!  Ravensburger, Think Fun, Wonder Forge and BRIO  always  delivers  quality  products, and these are no exception!!   There  are  gifts  that  will  appeal  to  your  deep  intellectual  side  all the way to your fun  loving  adventurer  side!

Gifts That Will Rock Into The New Year-photo of game collection on ADayinMotherhood.com


Let’s start the fun off with Gravitrax!  The Ravensburger Gravitrax – Starter Set an electronic-free, modular, interactive track system where kids and parents can build and design a marble run. This STEM toy ideal for little boys and girls aged 8 and above. It will allow your kid to experiment with magnetism, gravity and kinetics. The GraviTrax Starter Set offers everything you need to begin building your own action-packed track systems. Help your kiddo discover the laws of physics!  Experiment with different play options, including racing, creating the longest track or executing trick shots.  The starter set has everything you need, but there are lots of exciting expansion packs too!

Gifts That Will Rock Into The New Year-photo of marble game on ADayinMotherhood.com

This was my daughters absolute favorite game, it sparked her inventive side, and was easy enough for her to build on her own!  She wants all the expansion packs, and has even gotten her older brothers in on the fun for a marble race!  This is one toy that your kids will never get tired of, the possibilities are endless!

Giddy Up!

This fun game is a MUST Have for all little horse enthusiasts!  Round-up four beautifully photographed horse cards and read a colorful description of a horse. Then, each player secretly votes which horse best suits that story. Score when your “horse sense” matches other players. You’ll be surprised what your horse-loving friends think!

Thinking Putty Puzzle

Horrified is an exciting game that takes you into the world of Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolf Man, and other iconic horror film monsters.  As they descend upon your village to wreak havoc, hunt heroes, and terrorize villagers in this cooperative board game. You must work together to defeat the monsters before the town is destroyed for good!  This game is innovative,and easy-to-learn and can be played with scalable difficulty.  It teaches cooperation where players work together against the monsters.  It doesn’t get boring, and challenges yo to be creative, as each unique monster requires different strategies and tactics to be defeated.

I have a KNOW IT ALL teenager in my house!  So this game immediately sparked my interest…can I find a game that will change him to the core, and he won’t kNOW! it all?  This is the first quiz game that’s always up-to-date, and the Google Assistant plays along to give the most up-to-date answers.  It is really innovative and built for the next gen!

Questions like:  How many days until the World Cup?  What time is it in Moscow?

With kNOW!, questions come alive and evolve like never before in a fun multi-activity quiz game! The answers to many of the 1,500 questions change depending on when and where you play.  So its always changing, and never the same!  kNOW! is more than a quiz game. You‚get to use your creativity, strategy skills, and sixth sense to win!  The best part, I KNOW that my son won’t kNOW! it all!!

Which games will you grab for your gatherings today?