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WOW! Stuff for The Wizarding World has really delivered!  These products are so innovative and out of this world.  They really bring the wizarding world to my daughter, and allow her to get lost in all the magic and splendor Harry Potter’s world has to offer.  The technology and attention to detail with these new products is so exciting.

WOW! Stuff for The Wizarding World-photo of products by tree on ADayinMotherhood.com

The Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak is just WOW!  It allows you to appear to disappear by using the Invisibility App on your phone.  You can recreate scenes from the films, and amaze your friends and family by appearing to disappear.  You imagination is set free, when you take photos or film yourself using the invisibility cloak.  The costume comes with an authentication code to access the free downloadable app.  It works on iOS and Android devices (not included).

The cloak is suitable for ages 8+.  There is also a foldaway stand to steady your smart device, and get the best shots of your adventures in The Wizarding World.  This is a MUST HAVE for your favorite Harry Potter fan!


WOW! Stuff for The Wizarding World-a photo of invisibility cloak on ADayinmotherhood.com

Tom Riddle’s Diary Notebook is a great addition to any budding Wizard’s collection!  Now you can invisibly store all your secrets with Tom Riddle’s Diary Notebook.  This diary set allows Harry Potter fans to leave secret, mysterious notes and messages.  The Slytherin House pen is filled with invisible ink, and can only be seen under the glowing wand’s UV light!  My daughter loves to keep her secrets safe, now they are hidden from the Muggles (aka brothers)!

WOW! Stuff for The Wizarding World-a photo of girl reading journal on ADayinmotherhood.com

What are you waiting for?  Make sure that your favorite Wizarding World fan has all the magic and wonder that Wow! Stuff has to make The Harry Potter world come to life!!  Explore the magical universe and unlock the mysteries that await!!