Everyone I know is tightening the purse strings on their budgets!  Extras are being cut left and right.  It is just what needs to be happening now in most households, including ours!

At Easter, I really wanted to get my girls their annual pictures with the Easter Bunny.  But at $35 bucks a kid, it was not going to happen.

And then my friend called and told me the she found a deal on Groupon.com where I could get an 8×10, 2 5×7’s, 4 4×6’s, and 8 Wallets for just $18!  In addition, with the deal came 2 $10 coupons to have more pictures printed on other photo sites!

So, half off plus free gifts?

Even I could do that!

Since then, I have been happily receiving Groupon.com deals to my Inbox daily.  I do not always need what they have listed but I think taking 5 minutes a day to check out the deals is certainly worth my time!

So, I HAVE to tell you about this great site!

With deals to your local restaurants, beauty services, event tickets, and so much more, you can not afford to NOT have this site on your “must have” list for saving money!!

And it is so easy to sign up!  Just put in an email address and your city and watch as deals up to 90% off show up!  I promise, it is the best place to go to still get “extras” without breaking the bank!

You will thank me for it!  ;)