I am sure most of you have noticed that I have been promoting cash back deals through a company called ShopAtHome.com lately.  Though the company has been around for 25 years and online for 10 years, I, myself have just started hearing about it.

And I must say, in the few months I have been using them, I have enjoyed amazing savings and perks that I would not find anywhere else!  And with their 110% cash back savings guarantee, I can beat any cash back deal on the net!  That makes me, and my budget, very happy!

I thought I would take a moment to tell you a little more about ShopAtHome.com so that you can discover the little treasure I have!

Registration to ShopAtHome.com is FREE!  But you must be registered to get the Cash Back on any deal.

Downloading the ShopAtHome.com Toolbar will only enhance your Cash Back abilities by making the Wild deals, daily deals, and other coupons and awesome savings available at all times.  There has been some discussion but the toolbar is NOT spam or malware.  If you have any issues with the toolbar in any way, please contact customer service.  They WANT to know!

One you are registered you can start Shopping from Home!  Just search for the store you are interested in or click on one of the deals.

How the Cash Back Works:

ShopAtHome.com works with 1,000’s of merchants to give a cash back bonus back to you after a purchase is made.  So, for instance, today’s WILD deal is 6% cash back at Victoria’s Secret (usually it is 2%).  So I would click Shop Now after clicking on my Victoria’s Secret Coupons and be taken to the site.  I then shop around, make my purchases, take note that if I spend $100, I get $15 off my order, and then check out.  I pay shipping (if there is no free ship code or requirement, which ShopAtHome.com will tell you about), tax and my purchase price.  Within 30 days, usually a LOT sooner, I will receive 6% of my purchase back in my ShopAtHome.com cash account!

And there are usually 2 WILD deals a day!  Today’s (September 21) other one is Old Navy baby costumes for just $12.50 after cash back!

BE SURE TO BE LOGGED IN to your ShopAtHome.com account to get your cash back credit on your purchase!

And if this is my first purchase, I’ll get an additional $5.00 back into my account because I made a purchase within 30 days of registering for an account.

When I see my cash back account hit $20, which will be super fast because I installed my tool bar and got every penny I was due from other purchases I have made online, I can request my cash back check!

And then I comment to A Day in Motherhood that ShopAtHome.com ROCKS and I am so glad I found out about them!

If you have any question, please ask me and I will do my best to help or at least show you where to get help!

That’s it!  So easy and such a great thing for the tight budgets that we deal with these days!

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