FREE Nescafe Tasters Choice Sample Pack

Ok Ok!  I am a coffee addict and my cup of coffee has to be the same every morning or I am a grouchy grouch!

And I would NEVAH EVAH do instant!

BUT… a few weeks ago I was at a friends who only had a pack of instant coffee from a certain coffee chain.  Believe it or not, it was good!

Since then, I have been debating whether or not to actually buy some instant coffee for those busy days when I need to grab them and go.  Like when school starts and I am sure to be late  -every day.  As always!

But what kind and what flavor and do I dare?

Well, thanks to Nescafe Tasters Choice Sample pack, I can try 5 flavors and see if instant is going to work for me!  No money out of my pocket!

Want to try them with me?  We can compare notes!  :)

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