There are so many reasons that I love Procter and Gamble, and this is one of them.  Right now you can get not 1 FREE Sample, but 3!

The first is a sample of Head and Shoulders!  Just register at Procter and Gamble, choose the formula that you want a sample for – itchy, Clean and Clear, etc, and hit continue!

Free Head & Shoulders Sample! Get a free Head & Shoulders sample(after registration). 

After you choose your shampoo, Procter and Gamble gives you the option to receive a sample of Always Infinity Pads AND Prilosec OTC!  Now, the Prilosec you have to qualify for – I did not – but if you do (choose 2 times a week or more), that is 3 FREE Samples just like that! 

Leave a comment that you love the free samples and maybe we can get them to extend this program to all of their products!

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